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Dietary Soy Fibre
Dietary Soy Fiber is made from 100% natural soybeans and has about 22% functional protein content. It boasts a high water absorption capacity of 8~10 times, and is therefor suitable for use in the processed and reformed meat industry. It lends desirable properties such as moisture retention and cooking loss reduction to all meat product formulations. It is also a good emulsifier, thickener, which is widely used for making sausages, burgers, bekery products, nutrition food, health food, canned tuna, tomato paste etc.

 Item  Soyfibre800
 Protein  max 22%
 PH  6.5~7.5
 Fat  max 0.5%
 Color  Light cream
 Flavor  Neutral
 Particle Size  60~80 and 80~100mesh
 Moisture  max 8.0%
 Packing  25kg/bag

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